Best tasting ever? Angelo Gaja spoke to 25 of us at Sam’s Highland Park as we sampled his 2005 Alteni di Brassica, 2001 Barbaresco (ED 98), 1999 Costa Russi (ED 94), 1999 Sori Tildin (ED 95), 1999 Sori San Lorenzo (ED 94), 1999 Sperss (ED 92), 2001 Rennina (ED 94), and 2003 Camarcanda (ED 94). I now regret that we didn’t buy more than we did but, given his prices, we weren’t planning to buy any when we walked in – that’s how good his wines are.
Some of Angelo’s interesting comments…two biggest threats to wine are Global Warming and Homogenization of Taste…Cab Sauv is John Wayne as Nebbiolo is Marcello Mastroianna, who makes women (ie food) look better than they previously were…’06 is quality but low yields, ’04 is the third time in Angelo’s life (after ’90 and ’64) were Piedmonte has both high yields and quality (sounds like a deal waiting to happen!).
Thanks Angelo, we will see you next Summer!

Last night’s Wine Spectator’s Grand Tour at the Hyatt Regency last night was a memorable one. A tasting of Latour’s ’01 further fomented my passion for the Chateau. Other great suprises were Dom Drouhin Oregon (excellent Burgundy imitator by a Burgundian) and Dom Serene (special apprecaition for assistant winemaker Drew Voit who spent 20 minutes explaining the Oregon Pinot scene to me. Sounds like a trip is in our future). Pascal Jolivet’s ’05 Sancere was outstanding as were Bololo’s by Aldo Conterno (2000) Bersano (2001) and Bruno Giacosa (2003).
Making appearances were Bruce Sanderon (Burgundy beat for WS) who is a great guy – pick up 2000 for today’s drinking, he advises; Thomas Matthews (Exec Editor) and James Laube (total jerk).
I’m not a fan of the 200-bottle tasting format but the event was designed well and the wines were worthy.