What a wild week it has been: Zambrano’s no hitter last Sunday, followed by the failure of yet another big-4 I Bank, Lehman Bros, the $80B U.S. Fed recapitalization of A.I.G. and now even larger, more comprehensive action. Paulson’s first intervention was for JP Morgan to buy Bear Stearns. Let’s hope this ends soon. While I have the utmost confidence in Paulson (frmr Goldman Sachs CEO), periods of panic are oftentimes met with overreaction. I’m hearing too many calls for the end of capitalism and don’t know which outcome poses more danger. Further, I continue to lose confidence for McCain (he called for the resignation of Henry Cox, SEC Chair, since he needed a scapegoat). He neither understands the cause of our current crisis nor can control his emotions during times of stress. I have to believe his advanced age (72 yrs) doesn’t help. Obama has acted more presidential over the past week. I’ll bet the polls reflect that this week.

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