McCain vs. Obama?

McCain 2000 was my favorite main-party candidate of all time — he understands that money is the root of all evil (having been financed by the wrong RE developers in the run up to the S&L crisis of the early 1990’s, per Bob Woodward). This time around he hasn’t impressed me as much – too much pandering to the conservative base. Obama was my Senate choice (in the primary, obviously; there wasn’t a choice in Illinois’s general election) and I have long loved the idea of a president who understands and has experienced the toils of the common man (I don’t consider Bill Clinton human).

My feeling when they locked up their nominations (i.e. before financial Armageddon) both parties picked their best candidate . After watching the first debate, I would say that it was tough for me to find a clear winner. However, I’m fairly confident that the VP debate will solidify Obama’s success (call it a reaffirmation of my prediction after the Iowa caucus). McCain’s pick shows poor judgement and is a huge risk given his age.

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