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There is no more of an exciting time in Corporate Real Estate (CRE) than today.  CRE is finally recognized for the value it can bring to other aspects of the corporation, most notably human resources and supply chain.  As a result, CRE departments are asked to do more.  It’s our goal to help you do more and elevate your role in your organization.

If you are interested in creating change in your organization, then we may be a good fit.  This website was built to espouse our philosophies and display what we believe to be cutting edge work, delivered in a highly differentiated and transparent manner.  We have found that presentations are not the optimal place to dive into the details, and it is the details that truly matter.

We have built our CRE consultancy on a singular concept: the best work is most rewarding.  While it costs more for us to provide, we can justify providing the best client service by way of reduced marketing “costs.” For this to be true, however, we must also convince you, our [prospective] client, that we provide a level of advice, service and results that exceeds what is otherwise available to you.  To that end, your questions and feedback is greatly appreciated.  We humbly request that you treat this information as proprietary and not share your login with others.

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Evan Djikas

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